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Available Publications:  Child Safety

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Health and Safety Topic

Document Number

Document Name

___52051 10 Tips to Protect Children From Pesticide and Lead Poisonings, brochure, March 2003, (EPA 735-F-03-001)
___52029* Como Proteger a los Ninos de los Riesgos Ambientales (Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks) Spanish, growth chart, 2004, (EPA 100-F-04-012)
___53051 Dusty the Asthma Goldfish and His Asthma Triggers Funbook , 8 pages, February 2004, (EPA 402-F-04-008)
___53052 Dusty: La Carpa Dorada del Asma y Sus Provocadores del Asma Revista de Munequitos (Dusty the Asthma Goldfish And His Asthma Triggers Funbook) Spanish Activity Book , 8 pages, February 2004, (EPA 402-F-04-009)
___52114* Environmental Curricula Handbook: Tools in Your School (PDF) (64 pp, 512K), 64 pages, December 2002, (EPA 625-R-02-009)
___51101 Food Quality Protection Act - Children and Consumers (PDF) (3 pp, 219K), 3 pages, October 2000, (EPA 305-F-00-005)
___51045 For Your Information - Consumer Products Treated with Pesticides, 5 pages, April 1998, (EPA 735-F-98-004)
___51046 For Your Information - Pesticides and Child Safety, 4 pages, January 2000, (EPA 735-F-93-050)
___52041 Help! It's a Roach! A Roach Prevention Activity Book, 12 pages, June 1999, (EPA 735-F-98-016)
___52053* Los Pesticidas son para envenenar a estos...No a estos (Pesticides Are Meant to Poison These...Not These) Spanish, poster, 2001, (EPA 735-H-01-003)
___52030 Mission: Sunwise Activity Book (PDF) (13 pp, 421K), 13 pages, April 2001, (EPA 430-K-00-002)
___52181* Mission: Sunwise Story Book (PDF) (16 pp, 1.6MB), 16 pages, June 2004, (EPA 430-K-04-008)
___51060* Proceedings - Workshop on Actions to Take for Children's Health, 64 pages, June 2000, (EPA 905-R-00-003)
___52178* Protect Children from Poisonings - Lock It Up!, poster, 2003, (EPA 735-H-03-002)
___52180* Protect Children, Protect Our Future (PDF) (16 pp, 567K), 16 pages, 2004, (EPA 100-F-04-900)
___53138 Protecting Children's Health: The National Pesticide Program (PDF) (31 pp, 3.2MB), 31 pages, October 2010, (EPA 735-K-10-001)
___51044 Read the Label First! Protect Your Kids (PDF) (2 pp, 1MB), 2 pages, (EPA 740-F-00-001)
___52042 ¡Socorro! ¡Una Cucaracha! Un Libro de Ejercicios para Niños sobre la Prevencióde de Cucarachas en la Casa (Spanish version of Help! It's A Roach! A Roach Prevention Activity Book) , 12 pages, September 2002, (EPA 735-F-01-004)
___52119 Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks / Como Proteger a los Ninos de los Riesgos Ambientales, 2 pages, 2002, (EPA 100-F-02-004)
___52028* Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks, growth chart, 2002, (EPA 100-F-02-008)
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