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Available Publications:  Drinking Water & Wells

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Drinking Water and Wells Topic

Document Number

Document Name

___53007 Agua Potable de Pozos Residenciales (Spanish version of Drinking Water From Household Wells), 22 pages, 2005, (EPA 816-K-05-005)
___53077 Arsenic in Drinking Water Fact Sheet, March 2007
___52074* Clean Water - Everybody's Business (PDF) (2 pp, 367K), bookmark, 2003, (EPA 841-H-03-003)
___52086 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Activity Update: Innovative Use of Clean Water State Revolving Funds for Nonpoint Source Pollution (PDF) (8 pp, 731K), 8 pages, July 2002, (EPA 832-F-02-004)
___52061 Drinking Water From Household Wells (PDF) (24 pp, 1.6MB), 24 pages, January 2002, (EPA 816-K-02-003)
___53035 Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons (PDF) (47 pp, 4.3MB), 47 pages, September 2005, (EPA 817-R-05-001)
___53086 El Agua del Grifo: lo que usted debe saber (Spanish version of Water on Tap: What You Need To Know) (PDF) (36 pp, 1.7MB), 36 pages, October 2003, (EPA 816-K-05-006)
___52059 El Agua Potable y la Salud: lo que usted debe saber (Water and Health: What You Need to Know) Spanish, 9 pages, May 2000, (EPA 816-K-00-001)
___52060 Ensuring Safe Water for Tribes, 8 pages, August 2000, (EPA 816-K-00-006)
___14019 Federal Funding Sources For Small Community Wastewater Systems, 28 pages, November 1997, (EPA 832-F-97-004)
___53076 Healthy Waters Start with Water Quality Standards Poster (PDF) (1 pp, 5.5MB), poster, December 2006, (EPA 823-H-06-001)
___53006 It's Your Drinking Water: Get to Know it and Protect it! (PDF) (8 pp, 176K), 8 pages, 1999, (EPA 810-K-99-002)
___51035 Nonpoint Source Pollution: The Nation's Largest Water Quality Problem, 2 pages, March 1996, (EPA 841-F-96-004A)
___14508 Pesticides in Drinking Water Wells, 15 pages, September 1990, (EPA 20-T-1004)
___52102 Protecting Drinking Water with the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, 4 pages, 2000, (EPA 832-F-00-001)
___52027 Si lo tira, se lo toma. Recicle el aceite usado de motor (You Dump It, You Drink It. Recycle Used Motor Oil) Spanish (PDF) (1 pg, 177K), 1 page, Winter 2003, (EPA 530-F-02-027S)
___53005 Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin: Managing Agricultural Fertilizer Application to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water (PDF) (6 pp, 608K), 6 pages, July 2001, (EPA 916-F-01-028)
___53127 Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin: Managing Livestock, Poultry, and Horse Waste to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water (PDF) (6 pp, 360K), 6 pages, July 2001, only available online (EPA 916-F-01-026)
___52058 Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin: Managing Septic Systems to Prevent Contamination of Water (PDF) (5 pp, 133K), 5 pages, July 2001, (EPA 816-F-01-021)
___52082 When Is A Septic System Regulated as a Class V Well?, 4 pages, June 2003, (EPA 816-F-03-002)
___52101 Using the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for Source Water Protection Loans (PDF) (4 pp, 212K), 4 pages, 2001, (EPA 816-F-01-039)
___52026 You Dump It, You Drink It. Recycle Used Motor Oil (PDF) (1 pg, 172K), 1 page, Winter 2003, (EPA 530-F-02-027)
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