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Available Publications:  Fuels and Engines

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Fuels and Engines Topic

Document Number

Document Name

___53136 Biodiesel (PDF) (3 pp, 88K), 3 pages, October 2009, (EPA 420-F-09-064)
___53024 Diesel Retrofit Technology - An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines Through Retrofits (PDF) (37 pp, 1MB) , 37 pages, March 2006, (EPA 420-S-06-002)
___53023 Diesel Retrofits: Quantifying and Using Their Benefits in SIPs and Conformity Guidance for State and Local Air and Transportation Agencies (PDF) (69 pp, 530K) , 69 pages, June 2006, (EPA 420-B-06-005)
___53130 Enforcement Alert: EPA Enforcing Stringent Standards for All Nonroad Engines (PDF) (4 pp, 530K), 4 pages, September 2006, (EPA 300-N-06-008)
___53128 Enforcement Alert: EPA Steps Up Enforcement of Diesel, Gasoline Nonroad Engine Imports (PDF) (4 pp, 115K), 4 pages, February 2000, (EPA 300-N-00-003)
___53026 Guidance on Mobile Facilities (regarding fuel transportation) (PDF) (6 pp, 57KB), 6 pages, March 2006, (EPA 420-B-06-003)
___53025 Introduction of Cleaner-Burning Diesel Fuel Enables Advanced Pollution Control for Cars, Trucks and Buses (PDF) (3 pp, 41KB), 3 pages, May 2006, (EPA 420-F-06-037)
___53050 National Clean Diesel Campaign - Clean Agriculture USA 2 pages, November 2005, (EPA 420-F-05-031)
___53049 National Clean Diesel Campaign Fact Sheet (PDF) (6 pp, 299KB), 6 pages, November 2005, (EPA 420-F-05-012), only available online
___50019 Nonroad Engines and Air Pollution (PDF) (2 pp, 16K), 2 pages, May 1996, (EPA 420-F-94-003)
___53124 Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program: Information for Farmers (PDF) (2 pp, 51K), 2 pages, March 2010, (EPA 540-F-09-002)
___53027 Questions and Answers on the Clean Diesel Fuel Rules (PDF) (136 pp, 700KB), 122 pages, July 2006, (EPA 420-B-06-010), only available online
___52107 Regulatory Announcement: Agricultural Pump and Irrigation Rule: Amending the Nonroad Engine Definition (PDF) (3 pp, 14K), 3 pages, April 2003, (EPA 420-F-03-004)
___52108 Regulatory Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions from ATV Riders (PDF) (4 pp, 14K), 4 pages, September 2002, (EPA 420-F-02-038)
___53028 Small Entity Compliance Guide for "Control of Air Pollution from New Motor Vehicles: Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles Standards and Highway Diesel Fuel Sulfur Control Requirements" (PDF) (18 pp, 737KB), 18 pages, September 2005, (EPA 420-B-05-006), only available online
___53029 Small Entity Compliance Guide for "Control of Emissions from Nonroad Diesel Engines and Fuel" (PDF) (45 pp, 662KB), 45 pages, September 2005, (EPA 420-B-05-009), only available online
___53022 Technical Highlights of EPA's Diesel Retrofit SIP and Conformity Guidance (PDF) (7 pp, 234KB), 7 pages, June 2006, (EPA 420-F-06-034), only available online
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