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Dairy Production Study Questions

Identify the definition that best fits the following terms:

  1. Heifer
    A female bovine that has not borne a calf
    An adult male bovine, normally used for breeding
    A really long time
    A type of silo unloader

  2. Holstein
    An older cow that is pregnant
    A full mug of beer
    A cow of the most common breed of dairy cattle
    A brown beef bull

  3. Freestall
    Complimentary room at the rural motel
    Feeding program for high producing cows
    A housing arrangement where cows can move freely between their feeding area and resting areas.
    A calf's hesitation when it is first removed from its hutch

  4. Leading Dairy Producing States
    Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan
    California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota
    California, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada
    Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, California
    California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana

  5. Pasteurization
    Process to make penicillin
    Removing cream from the skim milk
    Rapidly heating milk to 72 - 75 °C for 15 to 20 seconds, and then quickly cooling to slow growth of bacteria
    Managed intensive grazing of cows
    Boiling the milk to sterilize it

  6. Whey
    Juice that seeps from a silo when wheat silage is harvested and stored
    Portion of cream remaining after butter is made
    Oil used on clippers to trim hair from cows' udders
    Portion of milk remaining after cheese curd is removed
    Sarcastic response to someone who says "No way!"

  7. Guernsey
    A red and white to mostly red breed of cattle that are known for the yellow color of their milk.
    A famous garden seed company
    A type of portable shelter used where calves are kept when placed on pasture land
    A bracket for a milk pipeline
    A mostly black breed of cow with a belt white hair around its belly

  8. Dry Cow
    A martini made with milk and non-sweet vermouth
    A cow that is not producing milk prior to second or subsequent calving
    A cow with a very mildly humorous personality
    An indication of inadequate water intake
    The weight of a cow after the weight of water is discounted

  9. Calf Hutch
    A small, outdoor, individual housing unit for a calf
    A cabinet for calf medicine
    A disease of the calf's navel, sometimes called "navel ill"
    The most popular brand of calf milk replacer
    Calf Starsky's partner

  10. Estrus

    An indication that the cow is ready to be bred
    A type of grain fed to bulls
    The process of removing calves from the cow
    A hook used to hold rafters together
    An important religious holiday


  11. Bedding
    A cow blanket
    Sand, bare concrete, dirt
    Silage, soybean meal, feather meal
    Cotton seed, hay, tallow
    Sand, straw, newspaper, wood shavings

  12. Total Mixed Ration
    A feeding system where all feeds are blended together
    A feeding system where the cow is fed a single, but different, feed everyday
    A kind of cereal fed to cows
    A feeding system that allows the same feed to be fed to calves, heifers, and cows
    Limit feeding cows

  13. Rumen
    A chocolate brown breed of dairy cattle
    An additive in feed to prevent hardware disease
    A common antibiotic
    The largest compartment of a cow's "stomach"
    The act of renting a farm

  14. Parallel Parlor
    A long narrow room in the dairy farm office to receive sales persons
    A milking system in which cows stand side by side and milked from between the rear legs
    Two herringbone parlors set up side by side
    A completely automatic milking system
    The area just behind a cow's flank

  15. Mastitis
    Rigging in a ship's sail
    A breed of very large dogs
    Inflammation of the udder
    A swelling under the cow's jaw
    A young male calf

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