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Pork Production Study Questions

Identify the definition that best fits the following terms:

  1. Boar
    A female pig
    An adult male hog, normally used for breeding
    A tedious individual
    A type of feeding system

  2. Gilt
    An older female swine that failed to conceive
    A non-innocent individual
    A male hog
    A female pig that has not yet farrowed

  3. Farrowing
    Conservation process whereby land lies dormant
    Feeding program for grow-finish hogs
    Period when pigs are born to the sow
    Practice of moving pigs from sow to sow to create more uniform litters

  4. Production Schedule
    Feeding program for pigs, from birth to market
    Marketing program for a swine operation
    Schedule by which sows are bred, farrowed, pigs are weaned, moved from production phase to production phase and eventually marketed

  5. Mating
    Sometimes follows dating
    Matching baby pigs at birth to their mothers
    Process by which pigs are matched by weight to determine pen mates
    Inseminating sows or gilts at estrous via exposure to a boar (or artificial insemination)

  6. Pen
    Something to write with
    Confined area where swine or other animals are kept
    Farmstead area
    Prison facilities

  7. Shoat
    A large male swine
    An immature swine
    A type of knife used for castration
    A type of portable shelter used when swine are kept when placed on pasture land

  8. Slotted floors
    A type of flooring used under stacked hay, to facilitate drying
    Flooring that has been grooved to improve footing for animals
    A type of porous floor that allows waste to drain away, keeping animals dry and comfortable

  9. Barrow
    The container located above the wheel in a wheelbarrow
    A male swine who has been castrated to reduce aggressiveness and improve the flavor of the meat
    An excavated pit from which soil or gravel is removed for a construction project

  10. Estrus

    An indication that the sow is ready to be bred
    A type of grain fed to grow-finish swine
    The process of removing pigs from the sow
    An important religious holiday


  11. Number of tons of pork produced in the U.S. each year

  12. Leading hog producing state, in terms of market animals
    North Carolina

  13. Hoop structure
    A popular game in the U.S. during the 1950s
    A type of portable, low cost shelter used for gestation and grow finish swine. Limited mainly to smaller operations
    A general purpose building used mainly as a utility building for farm shops, feed or machinery storage.
    A sound making device used to herd animals

  14. Land application
    Legal forms that much be completed when applying for financing to purchase a farm
    The application of manure to cropland at a rate that matches the nutrients needed by the plants
    Application of irrigation water to a farm field

  15. Whole farm nutrient balance
    A type of pork cut from the loin area
    A method of balancing the nutrients in a ration for swine
    Balancing nutrient inputs to the production unit with the use and removal of those nutrients from the operation

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