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Animals Highlights

Information about environmental requirements specifically relating to the production of agricultural animals, including:

Information from EPA
National Homeland Security Research Center
The National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) develops and delivers reliable, responsive expertise and products based on scientific research and evaluations of technology. Our expertise and products are widely used to prevent, prepare for, and recover from public health and environmental emergencies arising from terrorist threats and incidents.

EPA has put together a series of answers to commonly asked questions to help livestock and poultry operation owners and operators understand what to expect from EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) inspections (PDF) (5 pp, 296k)

Information from Educational Institutions
Introduction to Animal Agriculture Exit EPA
These narrated powerpoint presentations were developed by the University of Minnesota Extension to orient new staff working in the area of animal agriculture. For each of the topics (swine, dairy, beef, manure, poultry, manure) there is a 10-18 minute narrated presentation.

Information from other organizations Exit EPA
Veterinary Compliance Assistance - VetCA
This site provides pollution prevention and compliance assistance information for the veterinary sector.

Animal Health and Food Safety Issues - CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
This site links to The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology's (CAST) new paper and companion video discussing the relationship between animal health and food safety. Given the current pressures by some activist groups to change the way animals are raised, this topic is a must-read for animal ag professionals. A Spanish version of the commentary is available.

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