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Available Publications:  Risk Management Plan (RMP) Information

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Risk Management Plan Topic

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Document Number

Document Name

___52138 A Checklist for Resubmitting Your Risk Management Plan (RMP) For Chemical Accident Prevention (PDF) (6 pp, 170K), 6 pages, February 2004, (EPA 550-F-04-001)
___52137 Changes to the Chemical Accident Prevention Rule (Risk Management Program) in 2004 (PDF) (3 pp, 60K), 3 pages, March 2004, (EPA 550-F-04-002)
___13001 Chemical Accident Prevention and Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, 8 pages, May 1996, (EPA 550-F-96-004)
___15011 Enforcement Alert: Owners, Operators of Stationary Sources Must Comply with Clean Air Act's "General Duty" Clause (PDF) (2 pp, 34K), 2 pages, August 1998, (EPA-300-N-98-006)
___52139 General Guidance on Risk Management Programs for Chemical Accident Prevention (40 CFR Part 68) (9 pp, 128K), 9 pages, April 2004, (EPA 550-B-04-001)
___13002 Risk Management Planning: Accidental Release Prevention Final Rule: Clean Air Act Section 112 (r), (4 pp, 43K), 4 pages, May 1996, (EPA 550-F-96-002)
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