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Available Publications:  Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and Repair

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Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and Repair Topic

Document Number

Document Name

___50046 2007 Buy Recycled Series: Vehicular Products (PDF) (8 pp, 456K), 8 pages, October 2007, (EPA-530-F-07-042)
___24005 Are There Any Cost Effective Uses for Used Oil? Exit EPA, 2 pages, September 1998, (EPA-305-F-98-044) 
___50043 Collecting Used Oil for Recycling/Reuse: Tips for Consumers Who Change Their Own Motor Oil and Oil Filters (PDF) (8 pp, 218K), 8 pages, March 1994, (EPA-530-F-94-008)
___24007 How Do I Dispose of Used Antifreeze? Exit EPA, 2 pages, July 1998, (EPA-305-F-042) 
___50044 Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses, 4 pages, November 1996, (EPA-530-f-96-004)
___50044S Manejano Aceite Usado: Consejos para Empresas Pequenas (Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses), 4 pages, November 1996, (EPA-530-F-96-004S)
___52201 RCRA In Focus: Vehicle Maintenance (PDF) (20 pp, 379K), 20 pages, June 1999, (EPA 530-K-99-004)
___50045* State Scrap Tire Programs: A Quick Reference Guide - 1999 Update (PDF) (53 pp, 261K), 53 pages, August 1999, (EPA-530-B-99-002)
___24010 What Are Used Oil Mixing Requirements? Exit EPA, 2 pages, September 1998, (EPA-305-F-97-008) 
___24009 What Should I Do With Used Oil Filters? Exit EPA, 2 pages, July 1999, (EPA-305-F-98-043) 
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