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How To Comply With the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides: What Employers Need To Know - Errata Sheet

Omission in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Quick Reference Guide:
Under the section on "Additional Duties for Worker Employers" the following underlined end of the sentence was accidentally omitted from the subsection entitled "Posted Warning Signs #1":

This omission is in:

  1. Stand alone WPS Quick Reference Guide brochure (EPA 305-F-05-005);
  2. Quick Reference Guide in the front of the paper How To Comply manual (EPA 735-B-06-002) (page 4), while the enlarged Quick Reference Guide at the end of the HTC retains the original, complete sentence (page 122) and;
  3. WPS How To Comply CD-ROM version (EPA 305-C-05-001).

These corrections have been incorporated into the electronic versions of the documents posted on the EPA Web site as of December 30, 2005. Versions printed before that date may contain the omission.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center toll-free at 1-888-663-2155.

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