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News Archive: August 2012

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August 2012
August 2012 Newsletter, Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center
The August issue discusses the "Waste to Worth" conference and webcast, a "name that app" contest, and two new self-study learning lessons on greenhouse gases, and regulations. Participate in our "name that app" contest. Submit your name idea for a manure app that calibrates spreaders, records amount of manure applied to a field, and estimates economic value of the manure by emailing Jill jheemstra@unl.edu. Several great national resources are available and cover air and water, greenhouse gases, and curriculum materials on nutrients. In case you have not heard, EPA has withdrawn their 2011 proposed information-collecting rule and issues a final 2012 rule that addresses some court challenges to the 2008 proposed rule. A virtual dairy farm, farmer videos, and ARS range research round out our "hot topics". As always, there is a great list of events and announcements. More...

August 30, 2012
Pesticide News Story: Azinphos-Methyl Uses Cancellation September 30, 2012; Use of Existing Stocks Allowed through September 2013
After considering comments from growers and other stakeholders, EPA has completed a final risk-benefit analysis for the remaining uses of the organophosphate insecticide azinphos-methyl (AZM). AZM can present health risks to workers and can cause negative ecological impacts, while effective alternatives to this insecticide are available to growers. EPA has decided to maintain the September 30, 2012, effective date for cancellation of the remaining uses of AZM, on apples, blueberries, sweet and tart cherries, parsley, and pears.

August 29, 2012
Pesticide News Story: EPA Order Denies Objections to Agency Decision Not to Revoke Food Tolerances for Dichlorvos; Confirms EPA's Safety Finding for Tolerances
The EPA has denied an objection filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council to a 2008 agency order regarding pesticide tolerances for the insecticide dichlorvos or DDVP. Previously, in June 2006, NRDC filed a petition requesting that the EPA revoke all DDVP tolerances, or maximum residue limits in food. The EPA denied NRDC's petition as well as NRDC's objections to the agency's decision to deny NRDC's petition.

August 23, 2012
Southeast diesel Collaborative Leadership Award Winners Announced

During the recent Southeast Diesel Collaborative (SEDC) 7th Annual Partners Meeting in Atlanta, GA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Management Division Director Beverly Banister, on behalf of the SEDC, presented the SEDC Leadership Awards to the 2011 winners.

August 17, 2012
Pesticide News Story: Agencies Request Comment by October 16 on Proposed Process Improvements for Pesticide Endangered Species Consultations to Enhance Opportunities for Stakeholder Input
In an August 17, 2012, Federal Register notice, EPA announced that it is seeking comments on a proposal jointly developed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ("the Services") to enhance opportunities for stakeholder input during pesticide registration reviews and endangered species consultations.

August 16, 2012
EPA Region 7 representatives will meet with livestock producers on Thursday, August 30, at the American Legion Hall, 210 W. Head Street, Arcadia, Iowa.
EPA's inspection program for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), winter feeding areas, aerial overflights, medium-sized CAFOs, nutrient management plans and manure stockpiles will be discussed. EPA staff will also review the selection of CAFOs for inspection, flyover practices and details about CAFO on-the-ground inspections.

August 15, 2012
EPA Awards $58,000 to Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to Revitalize Philadelphia-Area Watershed

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society today announced a $58,000 grant for a new initiative for restoring clean water, improving neighborhoods and supporting green jobs in the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford watershed in Philadelphia, Pa.

August 14, 2012
U.S. EPA recognizes Kuehnle AgroSystems for innovative algae biofuel work
U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld recognized Kuehnle AgroSystems today for the company's innovative work in producing algae for use in biofuels as part of the Pacific Southwest region's environmental awards program.

August 13, 2012
EPA Awards Over $49,000 to the LSU AgCenter to Document Expansion of the Invasive Mexican Rice Borer
The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, known as the LSU AgCenter, $49,956 to develop an electronic reporting and mapping system to document the expansion of the invasive Mexican rice borer. The project will advance the adoption of integrated pest management tactics for the Mexican rice borer in Louisiana by tracking the movement of the pest into new regions and avoid unnecessary use of insecticides in non-infested regions. In addition, the impact on public health and the environment will be measured by tracking the use of insecticides in rice and sugarcane crops. The Mexican rice borer was first discovered in Louisiana in 2008 and is a devastating pest of sugarcane and a serious pest of rice.

EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks Available for Media Interviews at Iowa State Fair, Aug. 16 and 17 in Des Moines, Iowa
EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks will be available for media interviews at the annual Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, on Aug. 16 and 17. Brooks also will meet with senior officials representing the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and agricultural trade associations.

August 3, 2012
Pesticide News Story: Agencies Propose Process Improvements for Pesticide-Endangered Species Consultations to Enhance Opportunities for Stakeholder Input
EPA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ("the Services") are seeking comment on a jointly developed proposal to enhance opportunities for stakeholder input during pesticide registration reviews and endangered species consultations. Highlights of the proposal include:
• Emphasis on coordination across these federal agencies.
• Expanded role for USDA and the pesticide user community in providing current pesticide use information to inform and refine EPA's ecological risk assessments.
• "Focus" meetings at the start of registration review for each pesticide active ingredient, to clarify current uses and label directions and consider the potential for early risk reduction.
• Formal ESA consultations later in the registration review process, allowing time to engage stakeholders in the development of more refined ecological risk assessments and more focused consultation packages including mitigation for listed species.
• Outreach to potentially affected pesticide users to discuss the technical and economic feasibility of draft Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives (RPAs), intended to avoid jeopardy to threatened and/or endangered species.
• Descriptions of the processes by which (1) EPA will summarize and organize comments on RPAs and provide those comments to the Services and (2) the Services will prepare a document for the administrative record for the consultation explaining how comments were considered and, if appropriate, how the final biological opinion was modified to address the comments received.

Southeast Diesel Collaborative Conference to be Held in Atlanta

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will join a consortium of federal, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry to hold the Southeast Diesel Collaborative (SEDC) Seventh Annual Partners Meeting in Atlanta on August 7-8, 2012. The SEDC is a public-private partnership composed of stakeholders from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Pesticide Registration Requests, Actions, and Tolerance Updates

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