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Risk Assessment and Risk Communication

Over the last two decades, there has been an increasing focus on the potential threat of environmental exposures to human and ecological health, leading to the definition of risk assessment as a discipline.

Assessing Cancer Risks from Exposures to Pollutants

In an effort to update key scientific risk assessment methodologies, EPA has published revised Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment. The Guidelines provide a framework to EPA scientists for assessing possible cancer risks from exposures to pollutants or other agents in the environment. They will also inform Agency decision makers and the public about these recommended procedures. Revisions to the Cancer Guidelines are intended to make greater use of the increasing scientific understanding of processes of cancer development.

More information from EPA
Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment and Supplemental Guidance for Assessing Susceptibility from Early-Life Exposure to Carcinogens

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National Center for Environmental Assessment

EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) serves as the national resource center for the overall process of human health and ecological risk assessments; the integration of hazard, dose-response, and exposure data; and models to produce risk characterizations.

NCEA continues to be a national leader in the field of risk analysis of human health and ecological effects, and this effort will continue to serve as a catalyst for NCEA's research program. Drawing on its experience in performing human health and ecological risk assessments, NCEA performs and supports scientific activities designed to improve future risk assessments. A major goal is to perform the research necessary to develop an accessible, seamless, common methodology for combined human health and ecological risk assessments, so that decision makers at all levels can have the integrated view of risk needed to make sound decisions.

More information from NCEA
Guidelines for Ecological Risk
Cancer Guidelines
Risk Assessments
Risk Assessment Forum
Risk Assessment for Particulate Matter (PM)

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Risk Assessment Software and Databases

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