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The AgSTAR Program promotes the recovery and use of biogas from livestock waste management operations through anaerobic digestion projects in order to reduce methane emissions. The program works closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

What is the Partner Program?

AgSTAR’s Partner program supports stronger relationships with our state and non-governmental allies to promote the planning, deployment and long-term success of anaerobic digester projects.

Why Join?
  • Engage in state-to-state collaboration
  • Shape national priorities
  • Overcome barriers
  • Learn about trends and new developments
  • Share best practices and lessons learned
  • Improve access to technical information

AgSTAR Partners receive technical, marketing and networking assistance in return for their commitment to help identify and overcome barriers for anaerobic digester projects, share information and provide education and outreach to farms in their area.

Who is eligible?

The following types of organizations are eligible to become AgSTAR Partners:

  • State agencies
  • Agricultural extension offices
  • Universities
  • Non-governmental organizations

How do I become an AgSTAR Partner?

To become an AgSTAR Partner, fill out the partnership agreement and return a signed copy to agstar@epa.gov.

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What are the Partners' responsibilities?

The responsibilities of each partner are listed below.

The EPA’s Responsibilities

  • Assist in project development by providing technical and economic evaluations, information on financial assistance, market data, industry contacts, outreach and education, and data on existing AD projects.
  • Work with the Partner to establish an active network of organizations involved in AD issues.
  • Assist the Partner in evaluating potential and existing policies and programs that impact AD projects.
  • Publicly recognize the Partner’s participation in AgSTAR and AD project development.
  • Designate an Agency AgSTAR liaison and notify the Partner of any changes in the designated liaison.

Partner’s Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with AgSTAR to update data on AD projects within the state, and identify potential project sites.
  • Promote AD project development within the state through outreach and education initiatives.
  • Review state regulations and policies to explore opportunities for overcoming barriers to AD energy recovery projects.
  • Work with AgSTAR to consider new policies, mechanisms and incentives that recognize the full environmental, energy and economic value of AD energy projects in the state.
  • Designate an AgSTAR Coordinator and notify the EPA of any change in the designated coordinator.

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Are there related EPA programs?

AgSTAR focuses on biogas recovery at livestock waste management operations, but other Agency programs promote biogas recovery in other sectors or provide incentives or information that biogas project developers may find helpful.

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