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Fact Sheets

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

For general information related to manure management systems, please review these AgSTAR fact sheets.

Biogas Opportunities Roadmap

The Biogas Opportunities Roadmap: Voluntary Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions and Increase Energy Independence (28 pp, 805 KB) was jointly developed by DOE, EPA and USDA in conjunction with industry partners to identify government actions that will encourage growth in the biogas industry. For a short summary of the Biogas Roadmap, read the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap Fact Sheet (3 pp, 31 KB).
Read EPA's blog post: New Biogas Opportunities Roadmap is Part of Climate Change Solution, Emerging Biogas Industry Offers New Revenue Opportunities for America’s Farmers.

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Got manure? Want energy? We can help! (PDF) (2 pp, 3M) provides a summary of the AgSTAR Program as well as highlights the tools and resources available through AgSTAR.

Basic Anaerobic Digester System Flow Diagram (PDF) (1 pg, 826K) displays different features of an anaerobic digester system including inputs, byproducts, and biogas uses.

Case Study Primer for Participant Discussion: Biodigesters and Biogas (PDF) (30 pp, 467K) summarizes the state of anaerobic digester technology in the livestock, organics, and wastewater sectors. It also discusses current barriers to achieving their widespread adoption in the market and lays out potential solutions. Finally, it contains case studies of some innovative approaches to projects in these sectors.

Common Safety Practices for On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Systems (PDF) (25 pp, 2MB), which identifies the major hazards associated with anaerobic digester systems and outlines practices to ensure a safe and successful work environment for facilities with these systems.

Global Methane Initiative's Agricultural Methane: Reducing Emissions, Advancing Recovery and Use Opportunities International Opportunities for Project Development (PDF) (4 pp, 541K) Exit EPA Disclaimer provides background information on the Global Methane Initiative, international methane recovery and use opportunities, and issues to be considered in project development in the agricultural sector.

How Biogas Systems WorkExit EPA Disclaimer was jointly developed by the American Biogas Council, the EPA and USDA to summarize the components of a biogas recovery system.

Increasing Anaerobic Digester Performance with Codigestion (PDF) (3 pp, 422K) discusses factors that should be considered when selecting a feedstock to increase methane production from the anaerobic digestion of manure.

Recovering Value from Waste (PDF) (4 pp, 855K) outlines how an anaerobic digester system works as well as factors affecting feasibility and selection of these systems.

U.S. Anaerobic Digester Status Report (PDF) (12 pp, 2.4MB) provides an overview of manure digestion systems currently being used at livestock operations.

USDA-EPA Collaboration Fact Sheet (PDF) (3 pp, 64K) describes how EPA and USDA are working together through the AgSTAR Program to promote anaerobic digester technology.

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