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Navigating the Biogas Maze:
Learning from Leaders
April 7, 2014 - San Diego, CA
8:45 AM — 4:30 PM

Cow Power: The Film Screening
April 7, 2014 - San Diego, CA
4:30 PM — 5:30 PM

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Registration | Hotel Information | Agenda

Join Us Monday, April 7, 2014 from 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM in San Diego, CA as part of BioCycle REFOR14 WEST. This year's collaboration with BioCycle offers attendees the option to register for BioCycle REFOR14 WEST, which features a full exhibit hall, two days of conference sessions and optional site tours. There will be dedicated networking time where attendees can gain greater knowledge of trends across multiple biogas sectors and new ideas and tools for maximizing the returns from biogas recovery.

Registration There is a $25 fee to attend the optional lunch. Otherwise, the workshop is free. To register, please visit the BioCycle Registration

Hotel Information The event will be at Town & Country Resort in San Diego, California. For information on lodging, please visit the BioCycle REFOR14 WEST conference venue page.

Who Should Attend The AgSTAR 2014 National Workshop is geared toward industry members and project influencers/advisors. Past attendees include agribusiness professionals, extension educators, distributors, financial advisors and lenders, manufacturers, policymakers, project developers, and regulatory agencies.


Navigating the Biogas Maze: Learning from the Leaders will include four sessions where leaders of the biogas and livestock industries, policymakers, and others will discuss their experiences and insights on factors that lead to successful biogas projects.

Photo: Sandra Schubert

Keynote Speaker — Sandra Schubert

Sandra Schubert, Undersecretary, California Department of Food & Agriculture, will provide the keynote address for the AgSTAR 2014 National Workshop.

8:45 AM — 10:00 AM

Moderator: Allison Costa, U.S. EPA AgSTAR

Leading Indicators — How To Measure Success

Criteria for a successful anaerobic digestion (AD) project in the livestock industry and recent trends.

  • Project Developer Perspectives, Bob Joblin, Principal, AgPower Group
  • Financing Perspectives, Damon Yuzon, Wastewater Capital Management

Panel 1
10:00 AM — 11:15 AM

Moderator: Jason Turgeon, U.S. EPA Region 1

Leading States

State-level working groups, each with different charters and approaches, discuss promotion of AD.


  • Amanda Mott, Wisconsin State Energy Office
  • Jiqin Ni, Purdue University
  • Joe Francis, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
  • Sandra Schubert, California Department of Food & Agriculture

Panel 2
11:30 AM — 12:30 PM

Moderator: Nora Goldstein, BioCycle

Leading Marketers

Effective marketing channels to highlight organizations and forms of media that reach livestock producers and promote AD.


  • David Dunn, Green Mountain Power Cow Power
  • Jerry Bingold, Innovation Center for US Dairy
  • Karen Lee, Progressive Dairyman
  • Margaret Land, Manure Manager

Panel 3
1:30 PM — 2:45 PM

Moderator: Dana Kirk, Michigan State University

Leading Producers

Learn first-hand about the development and operating experiences of producers who have successfully implemented AD systems.


  • Brian Langolf, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Farms
  • Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Qualco Energy
  • Ken Weaver, Joseph Gallo Farms
  • Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy Company

Panel 4
2:45 PM — 4:00 PM

Moderator: Douglas Ross, Green Ground Law pllc

Leading Policies

How and why state and federal policies, incentives and programs have advanced adoption of AD by livestock producers.


  • Dan Weller, California Air Resources Board
  • David Babson, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, U.S. EPA Transportation and Climate Division
  • David Dunn, Green Mountain Power Cow Power
  • Zoe Neale, Mass Organics Solutions, LLC

Workshop Wrap-Up
4:00 PM — 4:30 PM

Moderator: Allison Costa, U.S. EPA AgSTAR

Leading Actions

Highlights of workshop panel discussions and perspectives shared, as well as actions to advance successful AD projects in the livestock industry.

  • Bill Dunbar, U.S. EPA Region 10

4:30 PM — 5:30 PM

Moderator: David Dunn, Green Mountain Power Cow Power

Cow Power: The Film

Sometimes unique solutions can come from unusual places — including cows. After hearing how Vermont dairy farmers were transforming cow poop into electricity to power their farms and hundreds of local homes and businesses, Vermont native and Emerson College graduate Allison Gillette knew the story needed to be shared. With the help of fellow students, Ms. Gillette produced the feature-length documentary film, Cow Power, which tells the story behind an innovative collaboration that has helped save some family farms in Vermont and deliver valuable environmental and economic benefits to the community.

You can watch the film preview here: http://cowpowerfilm.com/Exit EPA Disclaimer

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