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NC GreenPower Production Incentive

Eligible States NC
Type Production Incentive
Area of Interest Renewable Energy

NC GreenPower offers production payments for electricity generated by methane, agricultural waste, animal waste, and biomass resources that are delivered to North Carolina's electrical grid. The incentives, which include payments from utility power purchase agreements, are made on a per kilowatt-hour basis and vary by technology. Customer-generators that net meter are not eligible to participate in the program.

Eligible Organizations All
How to Apply Projects participate in a rolling bid process. Bids submitted to NC GreenPower will be considered for one of their three green power products. All bids will be placed on file until the bid expires as defined by the expiration date in each bid sheet. Generators are required to enter into power-purchase agreements with their utility and with NC GreenPower. However, because premiums paid to NC GreenPower are funded exclusively by voluntary contributions from North Carolina electric customers, NC GreenPower is unable to provide guaranteed contracts to generators.
For More Information http://www.ncgreenpower.org Exit EPA Disclaimer
Primary Contact Christine Maurer Director, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Advanced Energy
909 Capability Drive
Suite 2100
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 857-9044

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