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Biomass Electricity Production Incentive

Eligible States VT
Type Production Incentive, Grant
Area of Interest Anaerobic Digesters

Green Mountain Power (GMP) offers a production incentive to farmers who own systems utilizing anaerobic digestion of agricultural products, byproducts, or wastes to generate electricity. GMP purchases electricity and renewable energy credits at 95 percent of the locational marginal price-a market-pricing approach used to manage the efficient use of the transmission system when congestion occurs on the bulk power grid-plus an additional $0.04 per kilowatt-hour. Eligible systems must be connected to the grid, although net metering is not available under this arrangement. GMP has also provided grants of approximately $175,000 to its participating farms. The company has also cost shared costs related to permitting and study costs for interconnection.

GMP sells the renewable energy credits generated under this arrangement as part of GMP Cow Power, the utility's green power program.

Eligible Organizations Livestock Producer
How to Apply GMP funds a full time project coordinator to work with farmers to assist in various grant program applications, permitting issues, and vendor selection. Interested farmers should contact him at the information provided below.
For More Information http://www.greenmountainpower.com/renewable/cow/ Exit EPA Disclaimer
Primary Contact Dave Dunn
Agricultural Energy Consultants
Green Mountain Power (GMP)
77 Grove Street
Rutland, VT 05701
(802) 747-5681

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