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National Mapping Tool


Image of the national mapping tool

The purpose of the mapping tool is to advance the use of anaerobic digestion technologies in the agriculture sector in the United States. The map provides a means to:

Launch the AgSTAR National Mapping Tool

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Getting Started (Frequent Questions)

Users who are new to geographic information system (GIS) tools may feel a bit overwhelmed trying to navigate the AgSTAR mapping tool. Please review the answers to the questions below to help you get started.

Image showing activated data layers

Additional selections need to be made. Click on the triangle icon to the left of the data layer of interest, which will expand the list to show more options. Each “check” activates the selection, and each level must be checked (activated) to display data on the screen. The image to the right provides an example.

Image showing an inactivated data layer

No. By unchecking a higher level box, the layer is turned off regardless of what sub-level selections are still checked. Nothing for that level will appear if the higher level box is not checked.

Image showing how to expand the size of a window

The size of a window can be adjusted by clicking on the lower right-hand corner and moving the mouse.

Image showing how to view the properties of a layer

For layers that shade the states on the map, only one selection can be viewed at one time. By clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of the layer title, users can “Move Up” or “Move Down” the order that selected layers are viewed. Additionally, in the “Tools” menu, the “Swipe and Spotlight” tool will allow users to see multiple selections by movement of the computer mouse.

Image showing how to adjust the transparency of a layer

Yes, by clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of the layer title and clicking on “Transparency”, a user can adjust the transparency of the layer on the map.

Image showing how to view details for a data point

Facility details can be viewed by clicking on the icon on the map. A pop-up window will display the available details for that facility. In some cases, a hyperlink is provided to view additional details for a facility.

Yes, AgSTAR encourages those involved in the development of farm digester projects to provide updates and corrections to data. Updates and corrections can be sent to AgSTAR online via the Contact Us page.

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About the Mapping Tool Data

A hybrid collection of data layers shows AD projects, composters, waste management facilities, growth potential for AD in the agriculture sector, investments made into renewable energy projects, and various types of state incentives and programs that affect the AD industry. A brief description of the data is provided below.


Growth Potential

State Summaries


Related Organizations

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