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Project Development Resources

The AgSTAR Handbook is a comprehensive manual that provides guidance on developing biogas recovery systems at commercial farms.

Profits from Manure Power? The Economics of Anaerobic Digesters On-FarmExit EPA Disclaimer (The Minnesota Project, undated) summarizes basic, and practical, financial considerations for installing on-farm AD systems, including economies of scale, farm energy use, price of electricity, and financing.

Economics of Anaerobic Digesters for Processing Animal ManureExit EPA Disclaimer (eXtension, 2013) summarizes the most commonly used contracts with electric utilities and other basic financial planning considerations.

Common Safety Practices for On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Systems (PDF) (25 pp, 2 MB, About PDF), which identifies the major hazards associated with anaerobic digester systems and outlines practices to ensure a safe and successful work environment for facilities with these systems.

AgSTAR has put together a brief summary of state air, solid waste, and water permitting requirements for on-farm anaerobic digester systems that digest organic wastes and manure on the Permitting Practices page. It also presents an overview of the federal regulations that affect these systems.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's National Conservation Practices table contains information regarding Plug Flow Digesters, Complete Mix Digesters, and Covered Lagoons as Anaerobic Digester Conservation Practice Standard - No. 366 (PDF) (8 pp, 144K, About PDF).

For information on the standardized evaluation of digester performance, see A Protocol for Quantifying and Reporting the Performance of Anaerobic Digestion Systems for Livestock Manures.

Project Financing (EPA) provides a compilation of anaerobic digester financial planning tools.

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