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Title IV - Acid Deposition Control

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Section Title
Clean Air Act U.S. Code
401 7651 Findings and purposes
402 7651a Definitions
403 7651b Sulfur dioxide allowance program for existing and new units
404 7651c Phase I sulfur dioxide requirements
405 7651d Phase II sulfur dioxide requirements
406 7651e Allowances for States with emissions rates at or below 0.80 lbs/mmBtu
407 7651f Nitrogen oxides emission reduction program
408 7651g Permits and compliance plans
409 7651h Repowered sources
410 7651i Election for additional sources
411 7651j Excess emissions penalty
412 7651k Monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements
413 7651l General compliance with other provisions
414 7651m Enforcement
415 7651n Clean coal technology regulatory incentives
416 7651o Contingency guarantee, auctions, reserve

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NOTE: The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments added a new title IV, relating to acid deposition control, without repealing the existing title IV, relating to noise pollution. The U.S. Code designates the original title IV (noise pollution) as subchapter IV and the new title IV (acid deposition control) as subchapter IV-A.


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