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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Community Action Award

2014 Recipients

Regional 8-Hour Ozone Flex Planning
Central Texas Clean Air Coalition

Austin, TX

The Central Texas Clean Air Coalition (CAC) of the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) is a regional collaboration of local governments in Central Texas, consisting of elected officials appointed by city and county governments from the Austin- Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area. The CAC has successfully implemented a voluntary, regional 8-Hour Ozone Flex Plan (8-O3 Flex) and continues its positive impact on the community through ongoing air quality planning efforts. Read more

Ducktown 28-Kilowatt Solar Array
City of Ducktown, TN

Ribbon cutting, Ducktown, TN

Located in southeast Tennessee, the City of Ducktown is a small rural community of 475 citizens. After years of environmental devastation caused by ore mining and its processing through open pit roasting, the community has undergone a complete transformation. Over the past five decades, the area has been rejuvenated through reclamation and reforestation provided by public and private partnerships. More than 500,000 visitors from nearby metropolitan areas now come to enjoy the natural amenities annually. Building on these environmental improvements and continuing to invest in economic development, city leaders chose to pursue renewable energy projects. Read more

Skyline of an American city during the day

The Community Action Award applies to community partnership efforts that directly or indirectly (i.e., by encouraging actions) reduce emissions of criteria pollutants, hazardous/toxic air pollutants, and/or greenhouse gases. In addition to the general criteria, the following criteria will be used in assessing each entry:

Community Action Award Criteria

  • Diverse stakeholders participate in planning and decision-making efforts aimed at improving air quality.
  • Partnerships among business, industry, government and non-government organizations are established and help to leverage community resources where appropriate.
  • Projects identify and address the community's priority air quality concerns.
  • Project has significantly improved the community quality of life.

Entry Information | Past Recipients in Community Action

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