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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Community Action Award

2015 Recipients

Clean Air Partners Program
CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas


The CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas developed the Clean Air Partners Program in 2001 after learning most pollutants that create harmful ground-level ozone come from on-road vehicles. The CLEAN AIR Force recruited six major employers to charter the program and develop strategies to reduce emissions. The program is open to all employers in the 5-county Central Texas region, and is open to any type of employer. Read more

Club Ride Commuter Services
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

Club Ride, Southern Nevada

Club Ride is a free program of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada designed to improve air quality and encourage commute alternatives, such as riding transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, bicycling, working compressed work weeks and telecommuting. Club Ride partners with nearly 300 employers and more than 24,000 registered commuters in Clark County to meet these goals. Read more

Skyline of an American city during the day

The Community Action Award applies to community partnership efforts that directly or indirectly (i.e., by encouraging actions) reduce emissions of criteria pollutants, hazardous/toxic air pollutants, and/or greenhouse gases. In addition to the general criteria, the following criteria will be used in assessing each entry:

Community Action Award Criteria

  • Diverse stakeholders participate in planning and decision-making efforts aimed at improving air quality.
  • Partnerships among business, industry, government and non-government organizations are established and help to leverage community resources where appropriate.
  • Projects identify and address the community's priority air quality concerns.
  • Project has significantly improved the community quality of life.

Entry Information | Past Recipients in Community Action

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