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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Gregg Cooke Visionary Program Award

2015 Recipient

Tribal Air Program and Healthy Homes Project
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium ' Environmental Health Consultation Team

 Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is a nonprofit tribal organization owned and operated by Alaska Native people. The Consortium is the largest, most comprehensive tribal health organization in the United States and it delivers a broad range of services, from specialty medical care and community health programs, to construction of clean-water and sanitation facilities. As part of ANTHC, the Environmental Health Consultation Team (EHC) provides cutting-edge air quality services to improve the lives of Alaska Native people and their communities. The EHC Statewide Tribal Air Program delivers technical consultation, air monitoring assistance, training, assessment, funding, and overall support to tribal communities throughout Alaska to address air quality concerns.

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Wind turbines on a field

The Gregg Cooke Visionary Program Award recognizes the air quality project or program that most successfully blends aspects from two or more of the existing awards categories (i.e., Clean Air Technology, Community Action, Education/Outreach, Regulatory/Policy Innovations, and Transportation Efficiency Innovations). In addition to the general criteria, the following criteria will be used in assessing each entry:

Gregg Cooke Visionary Program Award Criteria

  • The project or program demonstrates environmental excellence in more than one of the five general award categories.

Entry Information | Past Recipients of the Gregg Cooke Visionary Program Award

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