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Clean Air Excellence Awards

Entry Information

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Timeline for 2015 Awards

  • Applications are due September 12, 2014.

Entry Guidelines and Forms


The Clean Air Excellence Awards Program is open to both public and private entities. Entries are limited to efforts related to air quality in the United States.

Submitting Entry Materials

Email entry form and supporting documents to:

- OR -
Mail entry form and supporting documents to:
Clean Air Excellence Awards Program
ATTN: Catrice Jefferson
US EPA, Office of Air and Radiation (6103A)
Mail Code 6103A, Room 5442
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW'
Washington, DC' 20460

Entry Requirements

All applicants must submit one (1) original entry form and supporting documentation electronically or in hard copy to the address at the bottom of this page. Supporting documentation may include photographs, videotapes, written materials (e.g., an evaluation of the outcomes of the initiative; product literature; development plans; press releases; copy of the state, local, or tribal policy) and any other information that may assist program judges in making award decisions. In an effort to reduce resources, EPA strongly encourages applicants to submit their entry form and supporting documents electronically in Word or PDF format (emailed directly or copied onto a CD or flashdrive and mailed). If filing electronically is not feasible, applicants may submit their entry form and supporting documents in hard copy.

Please submit each entry under only one award category. Note that you may submit any number of different projects as separate entries. If you would like your project considered for the Gregg Cooke Visionary Program Award (which recognizes projects that blend aspects of two or more award categories), please mark that box under Section I of the Entry Form. Applicants also may choose to combine multiple projects into one entry if all of the projects fall under the same category.

Please note that the number of awards given in any one year will depend on the applications received. In a single year, some award categories may have multiple award winners, while other categories may have no winners. If your entry does not win an award in a given year, you may choose to reapply with the same or different project in future years. If your entry does win an award, you may reapply with different projects in future years. However, please note that the same applicant will not be given an award more than two times in three years.

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