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Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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SSI National Partnership Program (SSI NPP)

The SSI works at the community-level to address local issues in a collaborative manner with a diverse group of public and private partners. Communities have an opportunity to tap into previously unavailable resources while providing additional organizations the opportunity to participate. 

The goals of the SSI National Partnership Program (SSI NPP) are to support: 

  • SSI cities by providing resources, guidance, programs, opportunities, services, consultation, advice, or assistance for their SSI programs that may not otherwise have been available to them, and;
  • SSI National Partners by raising visibility; providing recognition for their leadership, civic contributions and green credibility, and; opening up a wider audience for their products, services or expertise that can provide environmental benefit.

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Recognition Program

Participating as a SSI National Partner can provide a company or organization with the diverse benefits that come from embracing a green path.  Major benefits will include the following: 

  • Recognition as SSI partner
  • National partners will be identified on the SSI website and in various marketing materials as well as the local communities they have pledged support.  Recognition and awards (e.g., plaques, certificates) will be presented to partners as they fulfill their commitments to the program.
  • Recognition for positive environmental efforts
  • SSI affiliation and support of local community efforts can provide positive public relations at a time when people are attracted to becoming “green.”
  • Efficient delivery of resources
  • Increased networking opportunities
  • The expanding and interconnected network of partners will provide opportunities to interact and communicate with a range of complementary organization, allowing peer to peer sharing of information or working together on mutual objectives.
  • Cost savings and tax advantages
  • In some cases, partners may find cost savings or tax advantages for actions they may take.  For example, energy savings reduce corporate energy costs and tax credits may be available for installing energy conservation or renewable energy generation equipment.  (Each partner should work with their accountants and lawyers to ascertain where legal tax advantages apply.)

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