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Assigning Agents

An Agent is someone authorized to act on behalf of a Primary Representative or an Alternate Representative. Agents can be given the following varying levels of authority, and a person may be designated as more than one type of Agent. In addition, a Representative may assign more than one person the same Agent type.

CAMD encourages representatives to use the CAMD Business System (CBS) to assign and/or remove ECMPS agents.

However, if they choose to use the paper form to assign or remove ECMPS agents, they MUST attach a CBS-generated list of Facilities and Units to which the agent type applies. We are requiring that they generate the list from CBS to avoid Plant Code and Unit ID discrepancies. The CBS-generated list includes 'Select All' and 'Remove All' options, as well as a full list of facilities and units assigned to a specific representative. This list must be printed, and the checkboxes must be checked manually. If the list of Facilities and Units is not attached to the form when CAMD receives it, the ECMPS agents cannot be assigned. See instructions for Agent Assignment Form for more details.

Types of Agents

Note that the Primary Representative is legally responsible for actions taken by his/her Agents or actions taken by Agents of the Alternate Representative.

Assigning Agents

Representatives may assign Agents online using the CAMD Business System (CBS), or complete and fax the Agent Assignment Form to the EPA.

The information should be faxed to Laurel DeSantis at (202) 343-2381 or mailed to:

The Representative and the new Agent will be notified via email when the request has been processed.

Removing Agents

Representatives may remove Agents online using the CAMD Business System (CBS), or complete and fax the Agent Assignment Form.


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