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FLOW CALC Software Applications

Emissions Monitoring

Please note that this software is only working on data in EDR format. There is no current plan to alter the software to comply with XML format.

FLOW-CALC is a software tool developed by EPA's Clean Air Markets Division for stack testers who perform flow RATAs for units under the Acid Rain Program, the OTC NOx Budget Program and the SIP Call NOx Budget Trading Program. The software is designed to improve data quality and facilitate the entry of flow RATA data into EDR v2.1 format.

What does FLOW-CALC do?

The 1999 revisions to 40 CFR Part 75 added requirements for the electronic reporting of point data for RATAs performed using the new flow reference methods (Methods 2F, 2G, 2H) in RTs 614 and 615. The amount of point data can be very large, and entering the data into the EDR format from a RATA test report is time consuming, as well as subject to entry errors. The software will allow entry of the RATA data during the test, with evaluation features to check the data. FLOW-CALC performs all calculations and contains export features to convert the data electronically into an EDR v2.1 format. Features include:

The program supports flow RATAs performed with all EPA flow reference methods (including Methods 2, 2F, 2G and 2H).

What type of computer is needed to operate FLOW-CALC?

The program was designed for use in the field on a laptop computer with the following capabilities:


This software is offered for free. It may be used without any license. Documentation files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You need the free reader to use them.

Contact Us

If you have technical questions about the installation or use of the software, contact Perrin Quarles Associates, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia, 434-979-3700, email flow-calc@pqa.com. If you have air pollution program implementation related questions about the software, contact John Schakenbach (Clean Air Markets Division) at (202) 343-9158 or schakenbach.john@epa.gov

To submit comments or suggestions for improvements and future development, please contact Ms. Kim Nguyen of the Clean Air Markets Division:

email: nguyen.kim@epa.gov
tel: 202-343-9102/ fax: 202-343-2357
U.S. EPA, Clean Air Markets Division (6204J)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460


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