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Research Efforts on Effects of Air Pollution

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Image:  Photo of a baby.Health Effects

In addition to joint research efforts to study the relationship between air pollution and human mortality, independent research efforts in Canada and the United States are also examining the links between PM and a variety of health risks, including lung cancer, heart attacks, and thickening of the blood.

Image:  Photo of a crane.Aquatic Effects

Joint Canadian/U.S. studies, including trends observed from 1989-1999 at sites in the International Cooperative Program on Assessment and Monitoring of Acidification of Rivers and Lakes, have found improvements in water quality from decreased acid deposition amid the complexity of ecosystem responses to multiple stressors.

Image:  Photo of maple leaves.Forest Effects

The NEG/ECP is undertaking a Forest Mapping Project to determine sustainable levels of acid deposition for forest soils in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Joint cooperation through the North American ForestryCommission is also assessing the effects of air pollution on forest ecosystems of North America.

Image:  Photo of a statue.Effects on Buildings and Monuments

The U.S. National Center for the Preservation of Technology and Training (NCPTT) and the Canadian Conservation Institute are continuing research on innovative conservation methods for historical structures and cultural materials.


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