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Allowance Trading

The following information applies to sulfur dioxide (SO2) allowances issued under the Acid Rain Program. Similar information for NOx allowances is not yet available.

For a brief description of how EPA allocated allowances under the Acid Rain Program, see the SO2 Allowances Fact Sheet.

Phase II Allowances

Final rule for 1998 Reallocation of Allowances (63 FR 51705) (September 1998)

As required by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, this rule revises the final allowance allocations published in March 1993 for affected utility units under the Acid Rain Program. It explains the process by which EPA allocated allowances. The allocations themselves are available as a compressed Excel file that includes boiler/generator-level, boiler-level, and State-level allocations (Zip, 678 K).

Supporting Documentation (including NADB):


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