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Reporting Instructions for a Protocol Gas Production Site to Participate in the Emission PGVP

Emissions Monitoring

The following reporting instructions apply only to EPA Protocol gas production sites and specialty gas companies that wish to participate in the Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP) for stationary source monitoring. Organizations interested in participating in the PGVP for ambient air monitoring, which is run by EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards in Research Triangle Park, NC, should go to this page.

An EPA Protocol gas production site that chooses to join the PGVP initially, or to continue its participation in the PGVP from year-to-year, must notify EPA via e-mail. Notification of intent to initially participate may be sent at any time. Notification to continue participating in the next calendar year must be sent by December 31 of the current year. Send all notifications to the following address: pgvp@epa.gov. Each notification must include the following information:

A production site's participation commences immediately upon notification to EPA and extends through the end of the calendar year for which notification is provided. EPA will issue a vendor ID to each participating production site.


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