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ECMPS Reporting Instructions

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's About PDF page to learn more about PDF, and a link to the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In the Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS), data must be submitted to the EPA through the Client Tool using extensible-markup language (XML) format. XML files must contain certain data elements, which are defined in the XML schema. (Note: More information about the ECMPS XML Schemas can be found in the XML Schemas Description Documents.)

These instructions explain how to report the required data for the applicable regulations. Owners and operators of units should refer to the applicable regulations for information about what data are required to be reported. Please direct any questions or comments by email to Louis Nichols and Craig Hillock.

Part 75

  • Reporting Instructions for Monitoring Plan (PDF) (Released September 16, 2015) (141 pp., 1.1 MB)

    The Monitoring Plan describes how a monitoring configuration monitors its emissions. Monitoring plan data define relationships between stacks, pipes, and units, specify locations at a facility from which emissions are monitored, and identify systems of monitoring equipment by detailing the individual system components. Monitoring plan data also provide operational characteristics and qualifications for certain special types of monitoring (e.g., Low Mass Emissions monitoring).

  • Reporting Instructions for QA Cert Test (PDF) (Released September 16, 2015) (PDF, 187 pp, 2.9 MB)

    QA and certification tests are required for all types of monitoring systems. Test extension or exemption data indicate variances from prescribed testing requirements or extensions to the normal QA testing schedule. QA or Certification Events (e.g., monitor replacements), as well as data elements for submitting an electronic certification application when certifications are required, are submitted when there is either diagnostic or recertification testing of specific monitoring systems or components.

  • Reporting Instructions for Emissions (PDF) (Released September 16, 2015) (PDF, 110 pp, 938 KB)

    Emissions data are hourly values for measured parameters, calculated hourly emissions values, instrument calibration data, and aggregated summary data. An emissions file contains one calendar quarter of hourly and aggregate emissions measurements for a specified unit or group of related units, including stacks and pipes.

  • MATS

  • MATS Transition Reporting Instructions (PDF) (Released June 17, 2015) (5 pp., 97 KB)

    Provides instructions on reporting pdf documents per the requirements of 40 CFR 63 Subpart UUUUU section 63.10031(f)(6).

  • MATS Guidance on Temporary E-Reporting (PDF) (Released March 24, 2015) (6 pp., 121 KB)

    Provides additional guidance on reporting pdf documents per the requirements of 40 CFR 63 Subpart UUUUU section 63.10031(f)(6).


  • Reporting Guidance for the Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule (PDF) (Released March 4, 2010) (2 pp., 23 KB)

    Provides additional reporting guidance explaining modifications to Part 75 ECMPS reporting that may be necessary if using the alternative monitoring provision in 98.33 (a)(5) of the GHG-MRR.


  • Reporting Requirements for PGVP and AETB Requirements (PDF) (Released September 19, 2012) (12 pp., 233 KB)

    This document provides information that DAHS Vendors will need with regard to reporting requirements related to amendments to Part 75, adding requirements for a Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP) and Air Emissions Testing Bodies (AETB) certifications.

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