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Clean Air Markets

Summary of Part 75 Administrative Processes: Table 3

Revised 3/11/2009

Table 3: Routine Quality Assurance Testing

Submittal Requirement Rule Citation(s) Contents of Submittal Submit to Whom? Submit When? Comments
Notice of Semiannual or Annual RATA Testing § 75.61 (a)(5) Notification of test date(s) for routine RATAs required under Appendix B. EPA Region and State

(Note: CAMD has waived this requirement).

≥ 21 days prior to commencement of testing.

Test date may be changed, provided that notice is given ≥ 24 hr in advance of new test date.

Section 75.61 (a)(5)(iii) allows CAMD, the Region, or the State to waive this requirement or to reinstate it if previously waived.

If an EPA or State observer is present when a test is rescheduled, the observer may waive the notification requirement for the rescheduled test.

RATA Results § 75.60 (b)(5) Hardcopy results of semiannual or annual RATA tests. EPA Region, State, upon request. Later of: 45 days after completing tests or ≤ 15 days after receiving request from Region or State. -------------
Notice of Appendix D fuel flowmeter accuracy testing § 75.20 (g)(2) Notification is not required. N/A N/A ------------
Notice of Appendix E Retesting or LME Unit Retesting

§ 75.20 (g)(2),

§ 75.61 (a)(5)

Notification of test date(s) for periodic NOx retesting for either an Appendix E unit or a LME unit. EPA Region and State ≥ 21 days prior to commencement of testing. The NOx retesting is required for Appendix E units but is optional for LME units.
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