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Summary of Part 75 Administrative Processes: Table 4

Revised 3/11/2009

Table 4: Diagnostic Tests and DAHS Verifications

Submittal Requirement Rule Citation(s) Contents of Submittal Submit to Whom? Submit When? Comments
Diagnostic Test Results § 75.63 (a)(2)(iii) Electronic results of diagnostic tests. CAMD. Any time after the test results are received, using the ECMPS Client Tool.

Applies to all non-routine QA tests that are not classified as recertification tests.

For some events that trigger diagnostic testing, a "QA Certification Event Data" record is required. See Section 13 of the Part 75 Policy Manual for further guidance.

DAHS Verifications § 75.63 (a)(2)(iii) Formula and missing data routine verifications. Submittal not required. N/A Keep results of these tests on site in format suitable for inspection.
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