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Summary of Part 75 Administrative Processes: Table 5

Revised 3/11/2009

Table 5: Low Mass Emission Units

Submittal Requirement Rule Citation(s) Contents of Submittal Submit to Whom? Submit When? Comments
Certification Application

§ 75.19 (a)(1),

§ 75.19(a)(2),

§ 75.63 (a)(1)(ii)

Complete monitoring plan for the unit (hard copy and electronic).

Demonstration that the unit qualifies as an LME unit (hard copy and electronic).

Description of the calculation methodology that will be used to ensure that the unit maintains its LME status (hard copy).

The projected date on which the LME methodology will first be used (hard copy and electronic).

LME NOx test results, if any (hard copy and electronic).

The electronic information is sent to CAMD using the ECMPS Client Tool, and the hard copy information goes to the EPA Region and State. At least 45 days prior to the date on which the methodology will first be used.

An electronic "Monitoring Qual LME Data " record is required.

More information about the LME methodology is available in the "Plain English Guide to the Part 75 Rule."

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