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Summary of EPA Discussion Papers on Emissions Trading Issues (March 2004)

In conjunction with the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC), EPA prepared the OTC NOx Budget Program 1999-2002 Progress Report (PDF) (21 pp., 962 K) in March 2003. As a follow up to that report, the OTC states suggested three program areas for further detailed analysis:

In response, EPA has prepared a series of papers on these topics (links provided below). EPA analyzed emissions and allowance data, discussed program implementation with market participants and analysts, and considered the impact of the transition to the NOx Budget Trading Program under the NOx SIP Call.

The analyses and some key findings include:

Industrial Source Participation in the OTC NOx Budget Program (PDF 16 pp., 73 K)

Progressive Flow Control in the OTC NOx Budget Program (PDF 16 pp., 73 K)

Impacts of Trading on Local Emission Patterns (PDF 21 pp., 844 K)


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