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U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement

In 1991, the U.S. and Canada entered into an agreement to address transboundary air pollution, whereby pollutants released at one location can travel long distances, affecting air quality at their sources, as well as many miles away. The 1991 Agreement led to reductions in acid rain in the 1990s, and was expanded in 2000 to reduce transboundary smog emissions under the Ozone Annex.

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US - Canada Air Quality Agreement Progress Reports

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These reports summarize the progress that the U.S. and Canada have made since agreeing to address transboundary air pollution. To request a copy of the most recent report, complete the online progress report order form.

Additional Resources

Meeting the Challenge of Cleaner Air – 2008
This general audience brochure supplements the biennial U.S.-Canada progress report, released in 2008. The brochure provides an overview of the U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement and features recent progress made by the United States and Canada to control transboundary air pollution.

U.S. - Canada Border Air Quality Pilot Projects
Provides a summary of joint projects that have been completed under the Canada-U.S. Border Air Quality Strategy, including two airshed projects and a study examining the feasibility of emissions trading for sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Canada – U.S. Transboundary PM Science Assessment (PDF) (150 pp., 13.1 MB)
This 2004 document summarizes the findings of the Canada-U.S. subcommittee on Scientific Cooperation concerning the transboundary transport of PM and PM precursors between the two countries.

Cleaner Air through Cooperation, Progress under the Air Quality Agreement – 2003
This brochure summarizes progress made by Canada and the United States under the 1991 Air Quality Agreement and highlights key issues from the 2002 U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement Progress Report. This document provides an overview of the 1991 Agreement, followed by key commitments and progress, including air quality programs and scientific cooperation between the two nations.

Ground-Level Ozone: Occurrence and Transport in Eastern North America (PDF) (36 pp., 6.3 MB)
This 1999 report, prepared for the Air Quality Committee under the U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement, presents results of cooperative efforts set in motion in April 1997 to describe ground-level ozone concentration and transport in the border region of the eastern United States and Canada.

U.S.-Canada Air Quality Agreement Notification Table
Summarizes facility permitting information.

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