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2011 Acid Rain Allowance Auction Results

Spot Bids (First Usable in 2011)

$66.67University of Tampa Environmental Protection Coalition1515
$6.60Acid Rain Retirement Fund6883
$4.55Bates College Environmental Econ B1194
$4.50Bates College Environmental Econ A25119
$4.43Indianapolis Power & Light5,0005,119
$4.17Indianapolis Power & Light5,00010,119
$3.93Indianapolis Power & Light5,00015,119
$3.82Bates College Environmental Econ B1215,131
$3.67Indianapolis Power & Light5,00020,131
$3.43Indianapolis Power & Light5,00025,131
$3.17Indianapolis Power & Light5,00030,131
$3.00Ohio Valley Electric Corporation20,00050,131
$2.93Indianapolis Power & Light5,00055,131
$2.67Indianapolis Power & Light5,00060,131
$2.50Ohio Valley Electric Corporation35,00095,131
$2.00Ohio Valley Electric Corporation*35,000130,131

Bids below this line were unsuccessful because they were below the clearing price of $2.00 

$1.50Ohio Valley Electric Corporation25,000170,131
$1.00Ohio Valley Electric Corporation10,000200,131
$.98Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.10,000210,131
$.75Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.25,000265,131
$.50Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.25,000290,131
$.49Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.20,000310,131
$.31Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.20,000390,131
$.28Indianapolis Power & Light10,000400,131
$.20Constellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc.25,000425,131
$.06Evolution Markets125,000550,131

*Awarded a partial fill of 29,869 out of 35,000 allowances bid for.

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