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ECMPS Data Submission Process/User Registration

This is an overview of the ECMPS data reporting process. Please check this page periodically for updates in procedures.

User Registration

This section provides instructions for registering with EPA as an authorized user of the ECMPS software Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer for quarterly report submission purposes. If you are already a registered user of the CAMD Business System, you should use that same user name and password for ECMPS.

Registration Requirements: In order to use CBS or ECMPS to submit data to the EPA, you must be a Designated Representative (Primary or Alternate) for an affected source, or an Agent for a Designated Representative. If you have questions, contact Laurel DeSantis.

If you are an established Designated Representative or Agent, and you need to obtain a user name and password for CBS or ECMPS, call one of the following people (please note passwords cannot be distributed via email): Karen VanSickle, Paula Branch, or Kirk Nabors.

Note: EPA's computer security policy requires that each individual person who accesses EPA's computer systems must have their own EPA user name and password. A person's EPA user name and password must not be shared with others.

Submit Quarterly Reports

The Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS) is the method by which affected sources must submit quarterly reports for the Clean Air Markets (CAMD) Programs.

Software and Guidance: Users may obtain the necessary software, instructions, and technical support information by visiting ECMPS Client Tool Software Downloads. Software and accompanying user documentation are available at no charge.


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