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Field Audit Manual

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The Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) Field Audit Manual details recommended procedures for conducting a field audit of a Part 75 monitoring system. Included are: tools you can use to prepare for an audit; techniques you can use to conduct the on-site inspection and review records; proper methods for observing performance tests; and guidelines for preparing a final report. EPA has designed the audit procedures in this document so that personnel with varying levels of experience can use them. It also provides checklists that can be used as a guideline to ensure that all necessary data is obtained during facility inspection.

This Part 75 CEMS Field Audit Manual is the result of past U.S. EPA documents, as well as significant support and reviews to provide updated information. The Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) of the U.S. EPA had prepared an "Acid Rain Program CEMS Field Audit Manual" to assist with auditing continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) installed under 40 CFR Part 75. In addition, Joseph Winkler, U.S. EPA Region VI, with contractor assistance from Gerhard Gschwandtner, Comprehensive Monitoring Services, Inc., had prepared a separate "Acid Rain Program: Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems Reference Manual." Dr. James Jahnke, of Source Technology Associates, prepared EPA's 1994 document entitled "An Operator's Guide to Eliminating Bias in CEM Systems" (EPA 430-R-94-016). Additional references used in developing this manual are listed at the end of Section 2. The Clean Air Markets Division acknowledges the authors of these existing documents for providing a valuable information for the preparation of this document.

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