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Graphs of Allowance Prices & Transfers

Historical NOx Allowance Prices (April 2001)

Market Price Index for the OTC NOx Budget Program

The upper graph displays the market price index (MPI) for four vintages (1999-2001) traded under the OTC NOx Budget Program. The second graph, which shares an x-axis with Graph 1, shows "economically significant" allowance volume by week.

These transactions represent an exchange of assets between unaffiliated participants, and suggest, in aggregate, overall market activity. Economically significant transactions account for approximately half of all transfers consummated during 1999 and 2001. Note: EPA does not officially track allowance prices. The prices displayed in the graphic are reported by several brokerages and publications, including Cantor Fitzgerald, LP©, and Natsource LLC©.

Historical Allowance Transfers (January 2001)

Monthly Transfers Reported

This graph shows the total number of transfers reported to EPA NOx Allowance Monitoring System (NAMS). This includes economically significant transactions as well as transactions within a corporation.

The next graph shows economically significant purchases and sales, by participant, through October 2000. The relative role of the major market players is reflected in this graph.

Economically Significant Purchases and Sales



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