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Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP)


BenMAP is a PC-based GIS program that estimates the health benefits associated with air quality changes by creating population-level exposure surfaces, estimating changes in incidences of a wide range of health outcomes associated with ambient air pollution, and then placing an economic value on these reduced incidences. BenMAP produces both point estimates and distributions of incidence and value estimates. The model is currently available in three versions.

If you are interested in receiving periodic e-mails from EPA alerting you to a new version of BenMAP, please use the Contact Us page.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

  • BenMAP-Community Edition 1.0.8 (April 2014) This is the current version of the BenMAP software. BenMAP has been completely redeveloped as open source software, and can be downloaded along with introductory materials from the BenMAP-CE web page.
  • BenMAP 4.0 (January 2013) This is the legacy version of the BenMAP software. BenMAP v4.0.66 was used for the 2012 PM NAAQS Regulatory Impact Analysis. Both BenMAP v4.0.66 and the current version contain 2010 census data and address a number of bugs. Note that current versions of the configuration and aggregation, pooling and valuation files are not bundled in the installation package and may be downloaded below. Version 4.0.67 is a minor update from v4.0.66 (December 2012), with the only change being the inclusion of the CMAQ 36km grid definition.
  • BenMAP Command Line
    This scripting tool is useful to analysts who would like to execute a large number of BenMAP runs in succession. Users can define separate scripts for each stage of a BenMAP analysis, including: the creation of air quality grids, the running of the configuration stage, the running of the aggregation, pooling and valuation stage and exporting of results. Included in the download are example scripts. This program must be run through the MS-DOS command prompt. BenMAP Command Line is also bundled in the BenMAP installation package above.
  • PopGrid
    BenMAP contains U.S. population data matched to a variety of commonly used air quality grids. However, users wishing to run an analysis based on an air quality grid not already defined in BenMAP may need to import a new population file matched to that grid definition. The PopGrid program (zip file) (899 MB) allocates the 2010 block-level U.S. Census population to a user-defined grid, creating a population file ready for importation to BenMAP.
  • BenMAP 1.0: The legacy version of BenMAP that was used in developing the regulatory benefits analyses for the Nonroad Diesel and Clean Air Interstate rules. This version of the model is designed for regional and national-scale analyses within the Continental United States, and uses a fixed set of population data and air quality model grid definitions. Download time for this version is significant due to the large databases which support the analyses.


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