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Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Research

Coupling Meteorology and Hydrology

Although the fields of meteorology and hydrology are related, the connection is insufficiently incorporated into current environmental models. Coupling these two fields can establish a more integrated approach, which is needed to construct an appropriate water budget for ecosystem studies.

Atmospheric system research on coupling is focused on developing a prototype modeling system to improve the coupling between meteorological, atmospheric and hydrology models. This will provide internally consistent fields of meteorology, hydrology and atmospheric deposition. A key aspect of the research includes development of methods to address air-water paradigm mismatches at basin-wide spatial and temporal scales.  


Coupling WRF and VIC
EPA scientists will couple the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model with the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) hydrology model as an advanced land-surface model to provide surface hydrology consistent with meteorological model precipitation and radiation predictions, and account for feedbacks between hydrology and meteorology.This coupled system will be used to link with ecosystem models in the ecosystem linkage research to become a component of a one-environment system.

Stream Routing and Reservoirs
Streamflow is affected by water management through the operation of reservoirs. In order to be effective, the runoff and baseflow produced by the hydrology model needs to be routed through the stream network. 

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