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Dr. Kristen M. Foley

My work in EMEB involves the development and application of statistical techniques to evaluate air quality model output using disparate types of observational data.  My research interests include data assimilation and ensemble modeling approaches, spatial-temporal statistical modeling and advanced regression techniques.  I collaborate with meteorologist, environmental engineers, computer scientists and other statisticians to provide EPA policy makers with information needed for the development of emission control policies and regulations to improve our nation's air quality.

Kristen Foley

Biographical Information

Name: Kristen Foley
Title: Statistician

Contact Info:

Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection Agency
109 TW Alexander Drive
Rsearch Triangle Park, NC 27711

Phone: 919-541-5367
email: foley.kristen@epa.gov

B.S. in Statistics, North Carolina State University, 2001
M.S. in Statistics, North Carolina State University 2003
Ph.D. in Statistics, North Carolina State University 2006

Professional Experience
Statistician, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2007 - Present
Post-Doc, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2006 - 2007

Professional Societies and Affiliations:
American Statistical Association

Selected Awards and Honors
NERL Meritorious Research Support Award, 2010
ORD Outstanding Technical Assistance to the Regions or Program Offices: CMAQ Team Award, 2009
AMAD Best Paper Award, 2009
U.S. EPA Bronze Medal for Commendable Service, 2008
American Statistical Association Section on Bayesian Statistical Science (SBSS) Student Paper Award, 2006


Publications and Presentations

Other Publications

FOLEY, K. M., AND M. Fuentes.  A statistical framework to combine multivariate spatial data and physical models for hurricane surface wind prediction.  JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL, BIOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL STATISTICS, 13, 37-59, (2008).

FOLEY, K. M., AND M. Fuentes.   Hurricane Wind Fields, Multivariate Modeling.  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GIS, Springer-Verlag, New York, 448 – 461, (2008).

Xie, L., S. Bao, L. Pietrafesa, K. M. Foley, AND M. Fuentes. A real-time hurricane surface wind forecasting model: Formulation and verification.  MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW, 134, 2355-1370, (2005).

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