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Dr. Chunling Tang

My research interests are primarily in the field of water resource modeling and climate modeling with a particular emphasis on liking the two. There are three broad themes in which most of my research I pursue falls: 1) Hydrologic modeling (large scale and regional scale); 2) Reservoir modeling; 3) Coupling hydrological model and climate model

Currently, I am working on developing the climate-hydrology-water management linkage system through the following tasks: 1) Linkage of the meteorological model –Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) with the hydrology model-Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model Developing; 2)Fully coupling WRF with VIC to keep the internal consistency (such as consistency across models, parameters, and computational configurations); 3)Linkage of the fully coupled WRF-VIC multi-model with the water management model (reservoir model) to drive the ecosystem and water quality models

Chunling Tang

Biographical Information

Name: Chunling Tang
Title: Physical Scientist

Contact Info
Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection Agency
109 TW Alexander Drive
Rsearch Triangle Park, NC 27711

Phone: 919-541-5264
email: tang.chunling@epa.gov

B.S., M.S. North China University of Water conservancy & Electric Power (with Honor)
Ph. D.  Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Professional Experience
Physical Scientist, AEIB/AMAD, 2011 - Present
Research Scientist/Engineer III, Civil and Environmental, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2010 - 2011
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Geosciences, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID, 2009 - 2010
Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineer, The Louis Berger Groups, Las Vegas, NV, 2007 - 2009
Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, 2003 - 2001

Professional Societies and Affiliations:

Selected Awards and Honors
Grant Scholarship (2005 & 2004), University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV      
Outstanding Student Award four years in a row (1994, 1993, 1992, and 1991), North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power


Publications and Presentations

Other Publications
C.Tang, D.Chen, B.T. Crosby, J. Wheaton, and T.C. Piechota, 2012 (in review).  Is PDO or AMO the climate driver of soil moisture in the Salmon River Basin, Idaho?

C. Tang*, B.T. Crosby, J. Wheaton, and T.C. Piechota, 2012. Assessing streamflow to temperature increase using a hydrologic model for the Salmon River Basin. Global and Planetary Change:  88-89( 32-44).

D. Chen and C. Tang*, 2012. Evaluating secondary flows in the evolution of sine-generated meanders. Geomorphology: 163 (37-44).

Davis, J M., C.V. Baxter, G.W. Minshall, N.F. Olson, C. Tang, and B.T. Crosby. 2011 (In review). Climate-induced shift in hydrologic regime alters basal resource dynamics in a wilderness river ecosystem.

C and C. Tang*, 2011 (revision submitted), Sensitivity analysis of secondary flow and transverse bed slope in the simulation of meander evolution.

C. Tang, D. Chen*, and T. C. Piechota, 2011. Relationships between soil moisture and oceanic-atmospheric patterns. Journal of Hydrology, 411 (1-2), pp. 77 - 90.

H. Stephen, S. Ahmad, T. C. Piechota, and C. Tang, 2010, Relating surface backscatter response from TRMM precipitation radar to simulated soil moisture, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14, 193-204.

C. Tang and T. C. Piechota, 2009. Spatial and temporal soil moisture and drought variability in the Upper Colorado River Basin.  Journal of hydrology, clear379(2009) pp. 122-135.

Lakshmi, V, Piechota, T., and, C. Tang, 2004. Soil moisture as an indicator of weather extremes. Geophysical Research Letters, 31 (11): Art. NO. l 11401.

C. Tang, Z. Li, and Z. Chen*, 1999. Numerical solution of two dimension flow equations by using staggered grid and alternation direction implicit method. Journal of Release Structure and High Velocity Flow, China, 1999.12.

C. Tang and Z. Chen*, 1997. Generation of Boundary Fitted Curvilinear Coordinate (BFCC) of two dimension flow, Journal of Water Resource and Hydropower of Northeast China, 1002-0624, China, 1997.12.

Selected Presentations:

C. Tang, B.T. Crosby, and J. Wheaton, 2009. Assessing streamflow to changes in climate using a hydrologic model for the Salmon River Basin, Idaho. AGU 2009 Fall Conference, San Francisco.

C. Tang and T. C. Piechota, 2006. Soil moisture and hydrological drought in the upper Colorado River Basin, AGU 2006 Fall Conference, San Francisco.

C. Tang and T. C. Piechota, 2005. Spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture and climate variability. AGU 2005 Fall Conference, San Francisco.


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