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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Project Examples for Identifying and Applying for Funding and Technical Assistance

Federal Agencies Providing Technical Support for Applications through OSM Interns
Each federal agency has its own guidance on whether it can help applicants apply for funding. A significant resource provided to several of the projects was a volunteer to help apply for a Brownfields grant for assessment or cleanup. The Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Watershed Intern Program helped coordinate interns at the following projects, with support provided by other agencies and organizations, as indicated:

  • Southwest Virginia: One intern was supported by OSM and the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • San Juan County, Colorado: Two interns were supported by OSM, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Mountain Studies Institute.

Convening to Discuss Funding and Technical Assistance Opportunities:
Cranberry Creek Gateway Park Project
The Cranberry Creek Gateway Park project is a 360-acre site that is envisioned to result into a gateway park featuring housing, commercial facilities, and recreational opportunities. This project will take place in multiple phases (i.e., reclamation, redevelopment, sustained use). In May 2006, the project team and a number of federal, state and local agency representatives held a convening in Hazleton, Pennsylvania to discuss potential financial and technical assistance that would be applicable to the project. Although exact redevelopment plans for the site were not identified at the time, the convening provided an opportunity for federal, state and local representatives to begin a dialogue on ways they can integrate their support in the future. The Cranberry Creek Financial and Technical Assistance Plan (PDF) (1 MB, 25 pp, About PDF) is a targeted strategy that describes how the project can optimize the available mix of resources. It is based on preliminary research and interviews that were conducted and the convening dialogue. The Plan includes:

  • A timetable of financial and technical assistance
  • An overview of project specific activities and strategies
  • A matrix of federal, state and local programs for mine-scarred lands revitalization in Pennsylvania
  • Funding examples


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