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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Project Examples for Involving the Larger Community

Informing and Involving the Community:
The Cranberry Creek Gateway Park Project
The Cranberry Creek Gateway Park project is a 360-acre site that is envisioned to result in a gateway park featuring housing, commercial facilities and recreational opportunities. This project will take place in multiple phases (i.e., reclamation, redevelopment, sustained use). The Cranberry Creek Committee realized that obtaining community support and maintaining it over the lengthy duration of the project was essential for the project to succeed. The project team developed the Cranberry Creek Gateway Park Community Engagement Plan (PDF) (1 MB, 27 pp, About PDF) to provide a framework for planning and implementing community engagement activities. The plan is divided into four essential steps:

Identify the community, stakeholders and partners – defines the differences between and among these groups and the roles each may play in the project.

Implement communications and outreach – describes a range of approaches and mechanisms for keeping the community informed.

Obtain and using input – describes a variety of mechanisms for obtaining input and reporting back to the community on how the input was used.

Evaluate and Adapt – provides strategies for evaluating community engagement activities and making changes to meet the needs of the community.

Creative Community Engagement Ideas:
The San Juan County Project
Plans are underway to revitalize a 2-mile stretch of the Animas River Corridor and the Eureka Townsite for recreational reuse in Silverton, Colorado. To develop support from community members and obtain their feedback on types of reuse, the core project team encouraged its community to get involved in a variety of ways. For example, the team developed a scrapbook to capture the oral history and portray the community’s experiences with the river, began to publish the Animas River Corridor Revitalization Plan Newsletter (PDF) (324 K, 2 pp, About PDF), held public meetings focused on the project, and provided updates and solicited input on reuse ideas by attending other community groups’ meetings. The Animas River Stakeholders Group assisted the core project team in planning the Animas River Festival, a critical component in mobilizing the community to value the river corridor and volunteer to help with its cleanup and future revitalization.


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