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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Project Examples Related to Determining Reuse Goals

Collecting Public Feedback:
The San Juan County Project
The San Juan County project is revitalizing a segment of the Animas River Corridor for recreational reuse. The planning team has collected public ideas and concerns in a variety of ways including:

  • Attending local community groups’ meetings.
  • Holding public forums focused on the project.
  • Collecting stories and memories of the Animas River. Goshen College students interviewed community residents. These shared experiences helped shape the San Juan County reuse plan and will eventually be incorporated into an exhibit about the Animas River. . Sharing water quality data and assessments of mine related impacts. This information was provided by the Animas River Stakeholders Group. Students from Fort Lewis College helped gather associated data.
  • Hosting river walks and a river cleanup to encourage community members to investigate the corridor and participate in immediate actions to improve it.

Public input was recorded in the Animas River Corridor Revitalization Project: Technical and Financial Assistance Workshop (PDF) (812 K, 31 pp, About PDF). This document outlines the community’s reuse goals, provides concept plans that show what the area could look like in the future, describes the specific activities that need to be completed, and provides initial ideas on potential financial and technical assistance support. The document provided background information for a convening of federal, state and local agency representatives in Silverton, Colorado in August 2006, whereby partners had the opportunity to identify financial and technical assistance opportunities and discuss how they can be integrated.

Including a Market Feasibility Study into Reuse Planning:
Cranberry Creek Gateway Park Project
The Cranberry Creek Board of Directors is working to ensure the revitalization project will improve regional economic competitiveness. They funded a marketability and feasibility analysis that is currently underway to:

  • Characterize real estate and economic market conditions.
  • Identify feasible development options.
  • Establish a business-oriented strategic plan for successful redevelopment.


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