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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Determining Reuse Goals

Among the six demonstration projects, a range of reuse goals were identified including a renewable energy park, residential reuse, recreational reuse, outdoor environmental classroom, and multi-reuse with commercial, residential and recreational components. Many of the MSL Initiative communities gathered a broad range of stakeholders’ perspectives and held visioning sessions to brainstorm and determine reuse goals. Learn about obtaining stakeholders perspectives in the Creating a Vision for Revitalization section.

Some considerations learned from the demonstration projects include:

  • Align reuse goals with economic transition needs by understanding how the community fits into the regional economy.
  • Consider a variety of reuse ideas including industrial, residential, commercial, recreational, historical preservation and multi-reuse options.
  • Involve stakeholders and the community in the reuse planning effort through public meetings or other strategies. Often, MSL community members contributed unexpected and innovative reuse and revitalization ideas. Learn more about involving stakeholders and the larger community in the Building Project Teams section.
  • Assess how property size, location, zoning and infrastructure support reuse ideas.
  • Consider hiring a consultant to conduct a market feasibility study to help determine the project’s likelihood of success by analyzing demographic, economic and market data. Learn more about involving subject matter experts in the Obtaining External Support section.
  • Choose a reuse option based on the ideas shared through the planning process rather than on what funding resources are available at the time.

Note that sometimes reuse goals changed over the life of a project.

Project Examples for Determining Reuse Goals

Resources for Determining Reuse Goals


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