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Mine-Scarred Lands Initiative Tool Kit: Identifying and Engaging Partners and Stakeholders

Partners are individuals or organizations that are willing to lend their resources and skills to a project, while stakeholders are individuals or groups who are potentially affected by the project and have the power to block or delay project activities. Since partners and stakeholders may change during the different phases of the projects, the MSL Initiative communities found it important to engage them both throughout the revitalization process.

Engage a broad network of partners
MSL communities engaged partners by describing how supporting the project helped partners achieve their goals or satisfy their interests. Examples of potential partners and stakeholders included:

  • Active community residents
  • Local subject matter experts
  • Members of existing citizen organizations that are concerned with the property in question or the goals of the revitalization effort
  • Business and industry
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Local, state, tribal and federal government representatives ranging from environmental regulatory agencies to agencies that finance infrastructure development
  • Local colleges and research institutions
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Mine owners

Engage state, tribal and federal partners
Many communities have a long history of working with government partners, which often include local/state/tribal environmental protection and economic/community development agencies. Local county planners can help to identify government contacts, if they are not already engaged.

Engage stakeholders early in the project
Communities reduced the likelihood that stakeholders would block project efforts by involving them early in the process. In many cases, stakeholders provided new perspectives that helped to solve project challenges.

Consider funding and technical assistance needs when identifying partners to engage.
Learn more about the financial and technical resources that government, private sector and non-profit organizations can provide.

Continue to ask for support and create energy around the project by highlighting progress.

Project Examples for Identifying and Engaging Partners and Stakeholders

Resources for Identifying and Engaging Partners and Stakeholders


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