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Multimedia Resources

Image of Breathe Easies
EPA is committed to raising public awareness of asthma and environmental factors that can affect asthma. To help spread the word about asthma and environmental management of common asthma triggers, EPA has developed multimedia materials that are available at no cost.

More Resources

EPA Asthma Public Service Announcements

All current EPA asthma multimedia materials are available here for viewing and listening. Copies of these materials are available at no cost. To order, visit www.epapsa.com exiting EPA See also AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org exiting EPA for more videos, podcasts and webinars.

Google+ Hangouts
Miss the May 30th Google+ Hangout with NHLBI (in partnership with the CDC, EPA, and Impact DC)? Listen to a discussion/insights into the strides we're making to reduce the burden of asthma.


Asthma Can Be Tackled: Chris Draft, Former NFL Linebacker

Public Service Announcement: Monsters - For a child with asthma, monsters could be lurking anywhere.

Public Service Announcement: Goldfish - A child with asthma often feels like a fish with no water.

Note: No fish were harmed during the making of this public service announcement. Fish handlers were present at all times during the shoot to manage the care and well being of the fish on hand.

Native American Asthma Radio Campaign

Asthma affects almost 12 percent of people living in tribal communities - nearly twice the current national average. Listen to samples (with English) (MP3, 60 sec., 1.8 M). Learn more about the IAQ Tribal Partners Program.

image of Lakota girl for Native American Asthma Radio Campaign

picture of Navajo girl for Native American Asthma Radio Campaign

picture of Anishinaabe girl for Native American Asthma Radio Campaign


Order the DVD in English and Spanish

graphic of DVD to order

[EPA 402-C-06-001]

Breathing Freely: Controlling Asthma Triggers Video
Featuring conversations with medical professionals and parents of children with asthma, this video presents the role of the environment in triggering and worsening asthma attacks and offers ways to manage asthma to help children lead normal, healthy lives.

Order the VHS [EPA 402-V-06-001]

Ordene la versión de VHS

graphic of VHS to order

[EPA 402-V-04-002]

Controlando los Factores del Asma Video
El video discute como el asma puede ser provocado y empeorado por factores ambientales. También se discuten formas en que el asma puede ser controlado para que los niños puedan vivir vidas normales.

Ordene la versión de DVD en español y ingles [EPA 402-C-06-001]

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