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Exposure Assessment Models

HSPF Data Formatting Tool(Desktop HDFT)

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Desktop HDFT - The Desktop HDFT is a tool for converting Time Series Data from character delimited file formats toformatscompatible with other scientific applications.

Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: December 2012
Development Status: General Release
Development Information: Release Notes - changes and known deficiencies
Operating System: Windows XP
Development Language: Visual Studio 2008
Intended Audience: Environmental Scientist/Biologist
Key Words: assessment, biology, compliance, deposition, discharge, environmental effects, estuaries, hydrology, lakes, metals, monitoring, NPS related, NPDES, nutrients, permits, pesticides, point source(s), rivers, sediment, streams, surface water, test/analysis, TMDL related, toxicity
Related Web Sites: EPA's environmental analysis system BASINS

File Name File Description
README.TXT Important installation and usage information.
HDFT_REPORT.pdf Users manual and tutorial.

Download Files
File Type /
File Name /
Format /
File Description
Install /
InstallDesktopHDFT.exe /
Self-extracting Executable /
4.44 MB
Setup file for version 1.0 of the Desktop HDFT. InstallDesktopHDFT.exe can be executed by double-clicking the file after download. See README.TXT for important installation instructions.
Install /
Not Required
TutorialFiles.exe /
3.8 MB
Data files to use with HDFT REPORT.

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