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Ecosystems Research

David Skelton

My research is directed primarily toward developing, optimizing, and applying mass spectrometry techniques using GC-MS and UPLC-MSn/MS for metabolomic and lipidomic profiling  of tissues and biofluids of ecologically relevant organisms exposed to chemical contaminants . We are using these techniques to inform exposure assessments, discover novel biomarkers of exposure, as well as monitor and understand the effect the exposure event has on organisms.   As part of this research I am developing and utilizing chemometric techniques to integrate transcriptomic, metabolomic, and lipidomic data to identify and quantify changes in metabolic pathways perturbed by the exposure event(s).

Biographical Information

Name: David Skelton
Title: Chemist

Contact Info:

Ecosystems Research Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection Agency
960 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia 30605

Phone: 706-355-8257
email: skelton.david@epa.gov


Ph.D. Biochemistry, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, 2011
B.S. Chemistry, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL 2006

Professional Experience

Federal Post-Doctoral Researcher, USEPA, ORD, NERL-ERD, Athens, GA 2011-Present
Laboratory Instructor, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 2011
Teaching Assistant, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 2006-2010
Synthetic Organic Chemist, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville FL, 2006

Selected Awards and Honors

Joseph Schor Biochemistry Fellowship Winner – Summer 2011
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Nominee – Human Biochemistry, Spring 2009

Publications and Presentations

SKELTON, D., A. GOODYEAR, D.Q. NI, W.J. WALTON, M. ROLLE, J.T. HARE, T.M. LOGAN.  Enhanced Production and Isotope Enrichment of Recombinant Glycoproteins Produced in Cultured Mammalian Cells. JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR NMR.  48(2): 93-102, (2010).
SKELTON, D., M. MUROSKI, G. STROUSSE, T.M. LOGAN.  Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolomic and 13C-Isotope Tracer Experiments Applied to Gold Nanoparticle Transfected HEK293 Cells.  Presented at From Molecules to Medicine Life Sciences Symposium, Tallahassee, FL, January 7, 2011.
SKELTON, D., T. COLLETTE, D. MARTINOVIC-WEIGELT, G. ANKLEY, D. VILLENEUVE, D. EKMAN.  Metabolomics for Biomonitoring in Waterways Exposed to Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents.  Presented at the 8th Annual International Meeting of the Metabolomics Society, Washington, D.C., June 25-28, 2012.

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